01 January 2012

2011: One Last Look Back

Happy New Year, everyone. I thought I'd take a (belated) look back at a fond acquaintance whom we lost a couple of months ago.

With his incredible output, writer and researcher Earl Kress made a difference like few others in the animation and comics fields. He’ll be missed; even, unknowingly, by those who wish certain properties were as good as they used to be, and don’t realize that Earl—with his great background knowledge of the properties' history—was the one who made them good.
Beyond this, I'm uncharacteristically at a loss for words; the man's work provides such a perfect testimony.

(Above: From Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes [2010], written by Earl Kress. Special thanks to Mike Matei for tech help.)


Joe Torcivia said...

We can never say enough about the contributions of Earl Kress to SO MANY of the things we love – even if we merely echo the feelings of others!

With so many of those well-deserved feelings already expressed, who could blame us for a little repetition!

And, welcome back to Blogging! Your Blogger’s License WAS on the verge of lapsing, and the sly, opportunistic firm of Whiplash, Backslide, and McTwirlsneer was drooling at the prospect of acquiring it at auction!

ramapith said...

I'm selling... for just $25,000 plus the buyer's premium for a total of $31,250 (plus any tax). The proceeds will fund more blogging.

Richard said...

When will you post more discoveries like original titles?